Android Runtime known as ART now replace Dalvik in android next version that is officially expected in next week.Welcome to ART and Goodbye to Dalvik.

Google introduced ART (Android Runtime) last year when version 4.4 kitkat was released.Firstly Android Runtime (ART) was introduced as testing purpose against Dalvik that was a virtual machine in Android Open Source Project(AOSP) code.dalvikgone

What was Dalvik?

Dalvik was a process virtual machine in Android OS.Like java virtual machine that is stack base the Dalvik is a virtual machine that is based on registered base architecture.It also uses Just-in-time compiler while now ART uses ahead-of-time compiler.

Dalvik name background:It was an open source software firstly written by  Dan Bornstein. Dalvik is the name  of an Iceland fishing village.The developer named it with his village.

What is ART?

ART is the abbreviation of Android Runtime.ART was first introduce along with android v4.4 kitkat last year for testing purpose.

Features of ART:

  • AOT compilation: ART introduces Ahead-of-Time compilation while the Dalvik that is now dead in future use Just-in-time compilation. AOT increase performance of android apps.It also uses very strict installation verification method.
  • Improved GC: Garbage collection badly decrease the performance of an app resulting poor UI responsiveness and choppy display etc. ART improve garbage collection in many ways.
  • Helpful in apps developments and debugging

Is there any downside of ART?

Yes,possible downside of ART include apps space usage.As ART use more storage than that of Dalvik therefore apps installation time increase.

Welcome ART and goodbye to Dalvik in coming version of android v4.5.And you can also share your knowledge about android development and debugging here below in comments area.What you think about android future?

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