According to a German famous research firm GfK study, smartphones are the most popular electronic gadgets in the world market.As the CEO of GfK, Jurgen Slaughterhouses, a gradual reduction in the cost of smartphones only spur demand. The agency assured that it is a catalyst for growth in smartphones market, and the price of these devices will continue to decline in the next few gadgets

So, until the end of this year, predicted growth of the smartphone market, by at least 1.5 percent. The highest growth rates recorded today in the countries of Central Asia and Africa – about 6 per cent, while in the US this figure is likely – 3 percent. In Europe, on the contrary, growth is expected to decline by 2 per cent. According to experts GfK, the market smart watches and other portable gadgets this year will show a steady growth and the end of 2015 manufacturers will be able to realize at least 114 million devices.

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