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Samsung AMOLED Screens

Samsung AMOLED displays has already applied for tablets in the model Galaxy Tab 7.7. Now there’s a rumor from a Korean source, the company is going to re-release tablets with this type of display. The report says that Samsung is working on 8 and 10-inch tablet with AMOLED displays. It is also said that one of them will be presented together with the smartphone Galaxy S5.Samsung AMOLED Display Tablets

It is assumed that the tablets with AMOLED matrices will be located in the higher price range, and will have a top-end specifications, although the company will continue to produce and cheaper tablets with LCD (for example – Galaxy Tab 3 Lite ).

Mass production of AMOLED displays for tablets will begin in early 2021. It is expected that the new 8 and 10-inch tablets will compete with peers from the company Apple.

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