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Now a days hot discussion is all around on the internet about the upcoming version of android OS from Google. There are so many rumors about this news on the internet specially in android development and android fans around the world.Every user of android device like smartphones or tablets waiting anxiously for the next release that is expected soon.Till date no confirmation about its release is given from Google the owner of android OS. It is rumored all around web that next version of android  will be “Android L” and version may be  v4.5 or v5.0. Here we are specially going to discuss rumored features or leaks from Google on many social networks  as well as on many famous website on the web. This new OS version was firstly shown on 25th June this year by Google on its Nexus devices as a beta release but yet not final release.Latest Android L OS

[ads2]As it is beta release for developers since 25th June 2014 and its final release as consumers release is expected very soon.From the beta release we expected some difference form current version know as android 4.4 kitkat.

Android L Features

  • The Android L will look totally different as we see it in kitkat.
  • The user interface will be fully redesign with a responsive design language called “Material Design.”
  • Android L will be flat and 3-Dimensional in look at the same time.
  • Notifications appearance will also change in next Android L and in the new interface, notifications would now be accessed through the lockscreen instead of the home screen as it’s previously seen.
  • As we describe earlier Dalvik, the process virtual machine system in the Android internals, will be replaced wilth new ART (Android Run Time) which improves application performance and is intended to optimize battery usage.
  • Android Runtime, or ART, is a cross-platform runtime which supports x86, ARM, and MITS architecture in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments.

This last feature increase the performance of the system in such a way that it removes the overhead processing associated with JIT systems.

When Android L will be release?

Releasing date of of Android L is still uncertain.Every one is inquiring on android forums  when exactly the Android L will be released? But in this regard the owner of the Android Operating System Google announced a delay, a fall release is expected. Let’s wait and hopefully we write more about this new version very soon as it announce.

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