Pairing Up The Apple Watch With An Android

The Pairing Up The Apple Watch With An Android is a classy, sleek design that gives functionality for everyday convenience. It pairs with smartphones using Bluetooth. so it should pair up with Apple devices as well as Android devices easily, right? Wrong! 

If you find yourself wondering ‘Do Apple Watches work with Android phones, and if not, why so?’ Then this article is just what you need. Read on below! 

Pairing Up The Apple Watch With An Android

The Apple Empire   

The Apple franchise works day and night to promote its iPhones in every way possible. Their marketing strategy relies on being ‘unique’ only. To guard the uniqueness, Apple has to make sure it stays two feet apart from all the other smartphone companies. Thus, an Android phone is not compatible to join the Apple family. This is a pretty close-minded concept, and many would agree. The over-priced iPhone along with its overpriced accessories are shown off by wealthy people or stars and celebrities. Once again, the ‘elite class’ loves to show themselves off as ‘superior’, in a sense. Since the world is attracted by the glamour of being rich and famous, everybody automatically thinks that the iPhone experience is unbeatable. The big shots love it, and we love our big shots, don’t we? Even if it means blindly overrating the Apple franchise for no reason.

The Apple Empire

The Smartwatch Game

According to many online technology critics, Apple has put a lot of effort into its Watch. While people have mixed feelings about the iPhones, Macs, Apple speakers, and other accessories, the community seems to be loving every generation of the Apple Watch. The refined user interface, edge-to-edge display, and better battery life seem like a better choice than what Google has to offer nowadays. However, all these amazing features go down the drain when you realize you need an iPhone to access all the features of your Apple Watch. 

How To Pair An Apple Watch With An Android Phone

When the normal, everyday person asks, ‘do Apple Watches work with Android phones?’ the answer is a simple NO! However, there are some people out there that just don’t take no for an answer. Even though Apple states clearly on its website that the pairing app for Apple Watch to a mobile phone exists on the iPhone exclusively, you can get a bit sneaky! 

The LTE Apple Watch

The LTE Apple Watch can be used with an Android phone with some pesky limitations. For this trick, you need to have both an iPhone and an Android. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to go buy both phones! Instead, you can borrow a friend’s phone for a few moments. Here are the simple steps you can follow to make your LTE Apple Watch work with an Android Phone! 

Step 1: First off, you need to set up your iPhone with the Apple Watch using the IOS pairing application. 

Step 2: Ensure everything is working. Make a few test calls, or send a message. 

Step 3: Put your iPhone on airplane mode. Now, turn off your Apple Watch as well. 

Step 4: Take your SIM card out of your iPhone and put it in your Android instead. 

Step 5: You can turn your Apple Watch back on now. You have successfully connected your Apple Watch to an Android phone! 

pair of apple watch with android

Is the Apple Watch-Android Experience Worth It? 

The Apple watch gives basic functionality if connected with an android. You can make calls to contacts on the SIM card and tell Siri to send text messages or give weather updates. However, Siri does not respond to other queries as much. Also, you could suffer from a shorter battery life since the Apple Watch is actively using LTE all the time. 

The Final Verdict 

The limitations also include not being able to have all the advanced functions of the Apple Watch. All in all, you will not be able to enjoy the Apple Watch experience if you try to run it on your Android. However, this trick is great if you have switched to Android yet you want to continue using your Apple Watch. We won’t recommend you go out an buy an Apple Watch for your Android at all. Instead, stay on the lookout for amazing Android watches out there. They also provide many more features than this Apple Watch-Android hack can give you.  

Have we answered your question ‘Do Apple Watches work with Android phones’ clearly? Would you like to try the Apple Watch-Android hack as well? Tell us more about your digital device experiences and questions. We would love to get your feedback on this topic! 

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