Android Wear

Exactly what is Android Wear and Android Auto – On 7th annual Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco last day Google now show its next targeted markets.Google decided to launch its android on the go.Android Wears and Android Auto both extends from android apps ecosystem.According to Google blog now a days approximately every person touches its smartphone 150 times daily to check its messages, send message,unlock phone,swipe,input your passwords etc.That’s why Google now goes for android wear.

How android wear (wearable like wrist watch)help you?

  • Just say,”OK Google” and ask question then Google search help you to find your answer.
  • Get in time alert for you most important events on the go.
  • Calling your friends on the go.
  • See the traffic on the way.
  • Easily text your friends on the go.

Its all there in your wrist when you want.Last day Google has also announced two more android wears.Here are those.

  • LG G Watch
  • Samsung Gear Live

Both above mentioned wearable’s are available now for order.You can order it now after visiting Google Play today. Motorola 360 from Motorola still not launched and it will be launched soon after a few months auto coming soon

Android Auto

Now come to see what is Android Auto(AA). Android Auto as clear from its name is especially going to develop now onward from Google only for your automobiles.We have to connect our android phone with android auto and then get following features in your auto google maps

  • Get instant and turn by turn Google Navigational maps in your fingertips.
  • Play your own choice radio station via play music.
  • Easily and fast voice search from Google while you are driving.
  • All these features can be easily accessed by car’s controls and many more…

Android Auto comes later in this year.

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