Windows 10 on Android devices

Now Microsoft Windows 10 will  run on Android devices – Wow what a step from tycoon of software industry. Yes, its right that Microsoft now introduce a way to run its new coming OS known as Microsoft Windows 10 on a wide range of android devices so that users also enjoy the features of desktop PC on their android devices like smartphones, tablets.Install Windows 10 on Android device

Microsoft now start joint adventure with Chines mobile phone manufacturer company Xiaomi’s Android based Mi 4 smartphones with a custom-based ROM.In this way an android based device can be transform into Microsoft Windows 10. Yesterday Microsoft announced that company has made an agreement with above said company to install Windows 10 for testing purpose to get feedback to Microsoft and after completing Technical preview finally announced its officially.

How to Install Windows 10 on Android device?

One question arises from above news, how to Install Windows 10 on Android device and tablets.Users of android devices required a ROM( it is abbreviation of Read-Only Memory) which contain an image of windows 10 that overwrite existing operating system with this new and customized OS from ROM. This type of ROMs are already available from CyanogenMod that help in customizing and replace built-in Android OS. Thus by using this type of ROMs users of android devices can transform their mobile phones and tablets into to fully functional windows 10 mobile phone and tablet to enjoy features of Microsoft PC like features on handsets.

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