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Do you know that every Android device contains a hidden game inside it by default?  If you have any android device (mobile phone, phablet, tablet or smart watch) you can find Androids Hidden Game through  play Flappy Bird type game without downloading & installing separately into your android device. In this How to article, I am going to tell you how to play Android Hidden Game.

  • Where is this built-in Android Hidden Game in your android device?
  • Tricks to Play your device game

How to Find Android’s Hidden Game in Android Device?

If you own a device that running Lollipop version of android OS then you can easily play game without downloading it from play store separately.

Steps to find Android Hidden Game

  1. Unlock Your device
  2. Go to Settings app area of your device
  3. Now scroll down to About Phone
  4. Now you can see Android version
  5. Tap 3 to 4 times or keep taping Android version until you see logo of your current version of your android OS. (as Lollipop screen is shown below). You Got it.Android’s Hidden Game

Unlock device >Settings>About Phone>Android Version ….Keep taping it until you see your phone version logo appear on your device screen as shown below

How to Play Easter Eggs or Flappy Bird Game of your Android device

If you follow the above step and reached the version screen of your device then you are ready to play your game within 5 seconds.

Just tap this version logo as in our case it is Lollipop and then hold and slide it downward 2 to 3 seconds. Repeat this process 3 times and then you can see that your device give a little bit haptic feedback. At last your Lollipop disappears and Hidden Game of your phone started. Now you can play Flappy bird game. Good Luck …

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