Android devices must have Google chrome as a built-in app. Chrome is the fastest and richer features browser not only for smartphone devices but also for desktop as well. Google Chrome comes with many latest demanding features which are as a beta version and only for developers for testing purposes (i.e: Chrome Flags). After successfully testing these chrome browser features officially become part of chrome.How-to-enable-Reader-Mode-in-Chrome

What is Reader Mode in Chrome?

Reader Mode” is Google Chrome flags feature that gives a cleaner look to an article for the reader by blocking unnecessary ads and images. If you own an Android or IOS device, then you probably visit hundreds of blogs or websites to be updated about the latest news of your favorite industry or in search of some technical material. If I am right, you certainly face ads and many images that you don’t wish to appear in front of you during the reading. Reader Mode does it for you.

So, Reader Mode in Chrome gives you plain text and hides all ads and images on the current page. As a result, you can read with ease and reader mode also speed up page loading of blog or website. There are many apps available those can do the same which this Google Chrome built-in feature does. These apps include Instapaper, Press, Pocket and Readability etc. Now I am going to share with you how to enable Reader Mode in Chrome on your Smartphone or tablet running Android OS.

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5 Steps to Enable Reader Mode in Chrome Browser

#1 – Open Google Chrome Flags

Firstly, Open Google Chrome browser on your Android device and then in the address bar type “chrome://flags” and press Enter as shown below:chrome://flags

#2 – Find  Reader Mode Triggering Feature

Next step is to find the Reader Mode Flag on this Flag page. Flag page contains too many flags. So we have to use the Find Page option to speedily reach the options tab. To Find in Flag page, tap on 3 vertical dots present on the right area of  the  address bar and then search for “ Reader Mode”.options

Then immediately you can see Reader Mode Triggering option as shown below:

#3 – Enabling Reader Mode to Always

As you can see in the above picture “Reader Mode Triggering” option is set to “Default” as default, but now we have to select the appropriate option according to our needs. I prefer to set it to “Always” because this option works on every page. That’s why  I recommend only select “Always” option as shown in the figure below.

#4 – Relaunching Google Chrome

After Setting Reader Mode Triggering option to “Always” press the “Relaunch Now” button at the bottom to save the changes and restart Chrome.Relaunching in Reader Mode

#5 – Make Page Mobile-friendly  – done

Now type any website address for example in the address bar and now you can see a button with the text “Make page mobile-friendly” at the bottom of the browser window. You have to only tap the button to go into Reader Mode as shown in the screenshots below.Reader-Mode-Enabling-before-and-after

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Pros of Reader Mode in Chrome

No doubt Reder Mode is an amazing and simple feature of  Google for readers. By using this features readers can easily read articles, tech stuff and news from blogs and websites without any distraction of ads. Great feature, but it is still under testing  phase.

Cons of Reader Mode Triggering

Reader Mode is danger alarm for content owners, bloggers, and publishers. Because when reader mode is enabled, then ads will not appear on reader page. In this way, publishers can’t able to show their advertisement in front of its visitors to earn money . Most bloggers and content writers write articles for the readers free of cost and earn money by displaying ads in front of them.

Let’s don’t beat around the bush. My aim is to share free stuff for my visitors. I did it and now share your thoughts about my tech article. Does it useful for you or not? Say what you think below in the comments area. Please share it with your friends on social media if you found it helpful.

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