Google Android Wear watches will soon become compatible with iPhone’s stated by Google.Surely, Google can do every thing because it is technology tycoon or the era. As we know Apple watch is the most prominent and more likely to be sold as compared to Google android wear smart watches. No, doubt iOS based Apple watches are round cornered and are more attractive to users point of view.

Recently, The Verge a famous technology news reporter website of US stated as

It’s been rumored and reported for a while now that Google was working to get Android Wear to be properly compatible with the iPhone, and it appears that they’re rapidly approaching the point of actually seeing a release.

Android wear watchesandroid wear watchesAs you can see it above snapshot Google trying to support fundamental functions of android wearable devices i.e notifications by developing a companion app that supports many iOS apps features. Let’s wait how Google interact with iOS and embrace with each other in future.If all this happen then it is nice experience for iPhone users. There are many issues to be solved to make both companies device compatible with each other. But if Google overcome this problem then it might be a boosting step in the field of wearable devices.

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