Facebook not yet given up “invade” Android smartphones 2015

After a little experience achieved, which tried to change completely the Android user experience, the largest social network in the world is trying to have a more constant presence in people’s lives.facebook-notification android smartphones 2015

And when someone calls you, you could see a wide range of information on the person, including their latest activities and publications on social networks? Overall this is the idea of an application that Facebook will be developing for the Android operating system. The publication Android Police has put forward the report and the social platform came already confirm the existence of such an application, which gives the Phone name.

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The technology led by Mark Zuckerberg said that is always testing new tools, but told Venture Beat that currently has nothing to announce. It is expected that during the world conference of developers, the F8 what happens this week, are revealed more details. The new Facebook design aims to replace the dialer of smartphones and also part of the work environment. If the dialer would be possible to obtain information of contacts with whom you are communicating; already the desktop would be replaced by a news feed page.

The application Phone allegedly ability to block automatically calls This would be like the second “serious” attempt to take care of the Facebook Android smartphones after in 2013 have provided a launcher – that changed the whole user experience of the mobile phone.

The application was ultimately not well received by putting Facebook in literally every corner of the software. The Facebook completed in 2015 its 11th year of existence. Check here some of the highlights of what is the world’s largest social network with 1390 million monthly users:

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