Buenos Aires as Denounces Vial app is being used for four months to allow citizens to report cases of violation of parking regulations in the city. As we know that android or iOS apps now a days being used every where for solving easy to complex problems of daily life. That’s why Denounces Vial app is now being used for illegal parking complaints.

Denounces Vial appDenounces Vial app being used for illegal parking complaint

The city had already set in motion an email address for this type of complaints and after launching the application received more than 7000 shares, more than half of which were converted in fines. The goal is that citizens help the authorities to identify motorists to park in reserved seats for disabled, walkways or bike paths. To register to participate just take a picture with your phone and indicate the address where is the offense, join car registration and send the information by applying BA Denounces Vial.

Initially the local authority had placed four agents to filter the complaints but that number has risen to six to cope with the growth of the reports sent by the application. The app is available for smartphones Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free, but despite the success has generated some controversy, as the El Pais newspaper reports contesting the use of citizens as traffic cops.

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