Dakele 3

An iPhone 6 Clone Smartphone Running Android OS: The Dakele 3 phone designed and developed and launched by Chinees mobile phone manufacturing company thta totally resemble with world famous mobile phone, iPhone 6, an Apple smartphone introduced last year. It is very cheap smartphone that is built upon very high performance hardware that is normally present in costly smartphones.Dakele 3

What’s it Cost?

According to a China blog website Gizmo, it is very cheap as compared to iPhone 6 that cost is more than 700$. But its cost is only 240$.

Shape and Design:Moreover, Dakele 3 smartphone looks exactly as iPhone 6 because of its grey aluminum body and curved edges.

Home button: Its Home button also looks same as iPhone 6 but one difference is there that is missing of fingerprint sensor, present in iPhone 6.Dakele 3 frontDakele 3 back

Front and Backside view of Dakele 3

Dakele 3 phone look and feel very closely resemble with iPhone 6 but its camera does not like with iPhone 6.
Dakele 3 specs:

  • Screen Size: 5 inches display screen a little bit larger than 4.7 inches screen of iPhone 6.
  • Resolution: Its resolution ( 1920 x 1080 ) is also high as compared to iPhone 6 (1334 x 750)resolution.
  • OS: Dakele 3 runs Google Android OS instead of Apple iOS.
  • Memory : Dakele 3 also comes with high internal memory as compared to iPhone 6. Dakele 3 have 3GB internal memory but iPhone 6 have only 1GB.
  • Camera: Back Camera is of 13 MegaPixel that is also better than that of iPhone 6 contains 8 MP. Its back camera is 8 MP but iPhone 6 have only 1.2MP.

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