COVID-19 Tracing Software

COVID-19 Tracing Software Tool for Android

They have taken the step to protect over 2.5 billion people that use Android technology by coming up with a new Covid-19 Tracing Software Tool.  With the Pandemic becoming a prolonged constant in our daily lives we have to adapt as a community. Given that the 21st century is the digital age of innovation, the best way to overcome our challenges is through artificial intelligence. Having said that, what can be the best ways to help the Android-using community amidst a medical emergency? Surely, we can’t offer them prescriptions and medical equipment through digital software. The masterminds in Android development have advanced to a level that needs to be praised worldwide.

We will be discussing more about this Covid-19 Tracing Software Tool, it’s development, and all its benefits in the discussion below. Just read on for your daily fix about Android! 

COVID-19 Exposure Notifications

More than a new application, this tool is part of a new software update on Android phones. It can be accessed as a whole new “exposure notification” tool that is turned off by default. It can be turned on anytime by simply going to the settings of your Android phone. This tool can run in the background of your phone whilst you have your Bluetooth turned on. The tool targets to communicate with other devices and their IP addresses. It measures the distance between you and another handset. It simply alerts the user if someone near them later becomes a potential carrier of the COVID-19, hence being tested positive. A recent article on BBC states that computer scientist Prof Alan Woodward, of Surrey University claims it will ‘…potentially warn of proximity to infected individuals.’  

COVID-19 Exposure Notifications

How To Turn The Tracing Tool On? 

It’s quite a simple task, honestly. All one has to do is go over to the settings menu on your Android phone. There, you can search for the ‘Google (services and preferences) section’. Android phones have a very friendly user interface, making the experience seamless and fast in every way. In the Google (services and preferences) section you can find the ‘Contact tracing app’ and simply turn it on. When you head outside, make sure to turn on your Bluetooth as well, so that the tool can run efficiently. 

Similar Applications To Combat COVID-19 

There have been reports of several other applications that seek the betterment of society. One of these applications includes the COVID-19 Symptom Study app, an application that tracks down symptoms of COVID-19. This gives the user a better idea of their medical state. It has become the most famous application in the UK with over 3 million downloads! It is available on Google Play for Android users worldwide. The best part about this application is that it helps distinguish cases of COVID-19 from those of the mere common cold. The application is authentic. It has been created by Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals and King’s College London university, with help from the nutrition advice start-up Zoe. Go check it out yourself on Google Play! 

Similar Applications To Combat COVID-19

Unfortunate Limitations

Apparently, although the whole world is dealing with the Pandemic together, it seems like only the UK government understands the need for an update in today’s digital devices. Approximately 5 billion of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. If they are given smarter methods to combat the spread of COVID-19, we can look forward to a healthier future. 

Should the governments of other countries take to mobile software to spread awareness for COVID-19? This tactic may come in handy since half the population is already addicted to their mobile phones. They’re not to blame, however, the unexpected COVID-19 lockdown has all our systems out of whack. Let us know what you think about the new tracing tool for Android, and whether it should be implemented worldwide! 

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