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Your Android Doctor for Monitoring Blood Pressure

Your Android smartphone is not only a connecting device; it is a wonderful companion for you. An outsized collection of Android Apps is accessible to get assistance in your daily routine. These are providing you entertainment, productivity for documentation and assistance in your health and fitness issues. Every time visiting a doctor to check your…

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What is Android Wear and Android Auto?

Exactly what is Android Wear and Android Auto – On 7th annual Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco last day Google now show its next targeted markets.Google decided to launch its android on the go.Android Wears and Android Auto both extends from android apps ecosystem.According to Google blog now a days approximately every person touches its…

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Google preparing Fitness API for Android

At the current CES, 2021 in Las Vegas existed a a great deal of mobile gadgets. We saw such Soup as Smart watches, Smart Glasses, health and fitness trackers and various other gizmos and devices. Viewing the styles in the sector of wearable electronic devices, Google has begun deal with a Fitness API for Android-powered gadgets….