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Last day on Google I/O conference in San Francisco where Android director of Eng. Patrick Brady introduce Android Auto, the most awaited auto information and entertainment system.This Android OS for cars will be only available to OAA (Open Automotive Alliance).There are about 40 car makers companies those are members of Open Automotive Alliance around the globe.

Does Android Auto is a response of  Google to Apple’s CarPlay?

Yes, it will have same features as Apple’s CarPlay & its look and functionality is also same.Apple launched CarPlay system earlier this year.Google now going to launch it’s long awaiting android OS for cars after few months later in this year.Messaging feature of this OS is very similar to Apple’s CarPlay and voice system also look very similar as well. Android Auto is coming soon to new vehicles from the following automakers.

Android Auto
Android Auto is coming soon to new vehicles automakers

How Android Auto work?

It is not an OS at all.It is a an interface between car’s console and android smartphone.You just plug your android cellphone into car’s console,in this way car display screen becomes the phone screen. Android  OS will be voice enabled as reported by Google official.Car steering can be then controlled by touch screen that was integrated with your android phone.Features of Android OS for cars  includes:Live traffic information,listening music via Google Play music,listen radio stations which you like,navigate easily turn by turn on the go,see Google maps and also get directions and voice dictation and many more. android auto

Famous Android Auto audio apps include: 1- Spotify, 2-Pandora, 3- Joyride, 4- Songza , 5- Pocket Casts and 6-  iHeart Radio

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