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Amazon prepares subscription that turns paid applications free – How many times have passed interesting applications, but to be paid eventually not deserve your full attention? Now the giant e-commerce want to create a model for applications such as Spottily has for music.[ads2]

Each month the users would pay many dollars and would have free access to applications that are traditionally paid.

More: Amazon reportedly wants to make purchases within the application are also included as part of the subscription package. Amazon Unlocked service, details how the TechCrunch , will serve mainly to grow the popularity of Amazon App Store from the Android users. Technological store already has 400,000 applications available and offers regularly a large number of paid applications .

Consumers should not feel overwhelmed by thousands of applications, but can have them if they need

this is the idea that technological led by Jeff Bezos wants to spend. In the documents that the Tech Crunch had access, the new business model already has some names of weight case of Sega America – responsible for Sonic mobile titles – and us two – which has the charge of the worldwide success Monument Valley.Amazon paid applications free

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But not only games to make the Amazon Unlocked get to see the light of day. Other high-profile investments and are paid, including Office Suite also will be “unlocked” through the subscription of this service. What is not known is whether the company will adopt a subscription model “unlimited” – which guarantees access forever to a large number of apps – or will follow a system similar to the PlayStation Plus -.

That guarantees access to a limited number of free titles every month and they are the people while maintaining an active subscription also is not yet known how much is that Amazon is likely to ask consumers for applications subscription service. If it happens, this will be yet more aggressive strategy from Amazon to attract the attention of users to their products. The Amazon App Store has to be installed “apart” on Android devices.

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