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Are you responsible parents and you want to track your child’s activities on a smartphone or tablet? Are the devices of your kids have an active internet connection and are full of applications such as TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp? Do your children quickly hide the screens of their mobile phones when you suddenly walk into the room? Do you worry about the suspicious activities of your children and you are looking for some best parental control apps to keep an eye on them? If the answers are “Yes then this article is best for you.

Reason to download Parental Control Applications on your Android devices?

According to a study majority of children own a mobile phone by the age of 7 or they spent almost three hours and 20 minutes each day on mobile phones performing different activities. Parent control is not a new concept, it is evolved a lot while in recent years. In the early days, devices had a specific mode for kids’ usage that turned off the User Interface of the mobile phone or tablet completely by engaging the child in a specially designed application for them. In this advanced era, you cannot control your children by putting a restrain on their mobile usage, they will find an alternative way. Instead of blocking the usage, many advanced applications are available which gives your children more freedom to do what they want while still providing you the complete control.

Are Parental Control Apps are enough to secure your children?

Dear parents, please keep this point in your mind that these applications cannot be an alternative to yourselves. They usually work in a general approach to keep your child’s behavior decent. That means you need to discuss the bad and good with them, also you need to inform them that you will be monitoring their devices all the time. The best parental control Android applications for smartphones and tablets can help you to keep track of children in both online and offline modes.

Here are the best parental control apps for Android which are selected by using different research methods and user experiences.

  1. Qustodio
  2. FamiSafe
  3. Parental Control: Screen Time & Location Tracker
  4. MMGuardian
  5. ESET Parental Control Android
  6. Family Time
  7. Keepers Child Safety
  8. Mobicip
  9. Kaspersky Safe Kids
  10. NetNanny


Qustodio is the best-known tool till now, that is why it is at top of the list. Its filtering content works automatically and can protect your child from unsafe content directly. Its detailed online dashboard makes it easy to monitor your children’s activity. Qustodio is capable of tracking activities on social media platforms. Qustodio provides the facility to block particular websites. This application also helps you to manage screen time limits for day and night time separately. Qustodio emails you easy to read weekly and monthly reports that describe your child’s activity for the past month(30-days). This application also provides your children a simple SOS call feature which lets them send you alert which also comprises the current real-time location of your child. These SOS texts can send by a simple one-button press operation. Qustodio also has a family locator that allows users to track the child’s location in real-time. Qustodio is free to download. This application has a basic package for 5 devices, which can be enhanced to 15-devices with a little more amount and 30-days money-back guarantee. This application is best for a family with a large number of members.

Qustodio Parental Control App
This image is taken from the original app graphics attached to the Android Play-store gallery.


  • Monthly (30-days) screen time history reporting.
  • Strong content filtering.
  • Screen time schedules management.
  • SMS, calls monitoring.
  • Social media application monitoring.
  • Activate an SOS button that alerts family members
Size 22-Mb
Rating 4.5
Installs 10,000+
Pricing Free to Download
In-App Purchases $37.06- $94.85 per item

What is best in Qustodio?

  • Very convenient to set time schedules by defining simply the daily usage limit.
  • Free location tracking without additional charges.
  • The child’s interface is very simple.

What is worst in Qustodio?

  • Blocking services have some glitches on some particular browsers.
  • Application Auto-locking features not work properly after limit completion.
  • Can be bypassed within a little time and effort.

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2- FamiSafe

FamiSafe is another advanced application that offers the many much-required features which are essential for a parental control app including, an application block facility, real-time location tracker, strong filtering for particular websites, social media texts monitoring, and comprehensive report making. The parental app has a complete detailed control menu. FamiSafe can also detect and send immediate alerts of risky texts and inappropriate images. This application has 10 web filtering categories which can be selected according to need, FamiSafe is also free to download with a free trial version. Its paid version comprises a full range of complete services and features.

This image is taken from the original app graphics attached to the Android Play-store gallery.


  • Detailed reporting.
  • YouTube content management.
  • Real-time GPS location.
  • Set screen time limits.
  • Block inappropriate websites.
  • Block words to search on all browsers.
  • Detect risky social media texts.
Size 15-Mb
Rating 4.5
Installs 1,000,000+
Pricing Free to Download
In-App Purchases $2.95 – $59.67 per item

What is best in FamiSafe?

  • Flexible configurations according to need.
  • Optimized smooth working.
  • One account can work with 30 different devices.

What is worst in FamiSafe?

  • The location is not optimized.
  • The blocked applications can be still accessed sometimes.
  • It doesn’t monitor all texting avenues.

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3-Parental Control: Screen Time & Location Tracker

Home screen management can keep a child safe from unwanted applications. If you want to customize your child’s home screen, This application is best for you which will provide you more than the screen customization. Welcome to Parental Control application which contains all the important security feature which makes an app best parental control app. This application has a strong filtering mechanism that can block all inappropriate and unwanted content. You can not only control the screen time of your children but you can also locate them by tracking their real-time location. Parental Control application also contains contact filtering which blocks communication with all unwanted contacts. You can put a filter on different unwanted previously installed applications and can block the new installations also in your child’s device. Parental Control application is free to download with a 3-days trial which can be considered fair enough to check the capabilities of any application.

Parental Control - Screen Time & Location Tracker
This image is taken from the original app graphics attached to the Android Play-store gallery.


  • Customization of kid’s home screen.
  • Block inappropriate unwanted applications.
  • Device tracking on the map in case of theft or loss.
  • Screen time control management of different categorical applications.
  • Specific contact blockage.
  • Unwanted application download and Install Block control.
Size 11-Mb
Rating 4.2
Installs 50,000+
Pricing Free to Download
In-App Purchases $2.07- $82.29 per item

 What is best in the Parental Control application?

  • Smooth functioning.
  • 3-Days free trial.
  • Interactive user interface.

What is worst in the Parental Control application?

  • Not a good customer service.
  • Sometimes GPS shares incorrect locations
  • Signing in issues.
  • Application freeze reported, it becomes unresponsive and even not accept a previously known password.

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MMGuardian Parental control application is another lightweight, user-friendly, and flexible application which have wide-ranging features like Social media usage management, Text management, Application usage monitoring, and web filtering. This application has a complete report covering features. You can also lock your children’s phones when you want to keep them away from unwanted material and excessive usage of their devices.

MMGuardian Parental Control App For Parent Phone
This image is taken from the original app graphics attached to the Android Play-store gallery.


  • Application usage monitoring.
  • Strong Web data filtering.
  • Management of SMS and social media application.
  • Real-time tracking of devices.
  • Complete reports covering.
  • Lock access to the child’s phone.
Size 11-Mb
Rating 4.1
Installs 1,000,000+
Pricing Free to Download
In-App Purchases $1.01- $116.21 per item

What is best in MMGuardian?

  • Flexibility over a variety of features.
  • Easy to use with a simple interface.

What is worst in MMGuardian?

  • Poor customer service.
  • In-app communication is being reported unsuccessful.
  • Multiple crashes in a day.

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5-ESET Parental Control Android

ESET parental control application has all the basic needed features in it. You can access your child’s location as well as keeping control of their application usage. It has strong web filtering with intent filters that can protect your child from harmful or inappropriate wordings and websites. ESET parental control application has instant and strong reporting with fast notification service which notify you about your child’s activity from time to time. This application is also free to download.

ESET Parental Control
This image is taken from the original app graphics attached to the Android Play-store gallery.


  • Childs location can be accessed anytime with real-time GPS location tracking.
  • Informs about the usage of different applications along their time.
  • Provide complete control over application access.
  • Strong automatic and manual web filtering. and internet filters.
  • Detailed reporting about device usage.
  • Instant notifications about activities.
Size 15-Mb
Rating 4.0
Installs 500,000+
Pricing Free to Download
In-App Purchases $ 1.25 – $12.50 per item

What is best in ESET Parental Control Android?

  • Excellent provision of support.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Web filtering is strong.

What is worst in ESET Parental Control Android?

  • Some apps and games are reported to be undetected.
  • Sometimes stuck in account creation.
  • Problems detected with the free version.

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6- Family Time

Family time is another well-managed application. It provides management to access your child’s device along with the tracking option. The family-tree also has a strong filter for application management. This application has some extra features which are usually not available in this type of application including homework schedule management and application usage management, especially in the night-time. Family time claimed to provide its users with all the information they need about their child’s for their well being and safety. This application is also free to download.

FamilyTime Parental Control
This image is taken from the original app graphics attached to the Android Play-store gallery.


  • Device access management.
  • Real-time GPS location tracking.
  • Strong filter to block unwanted applications.
  • Homework scheduling feature.
  • Night-time application usage management.
Size 14-Mb
Rating 3.9
Installs 1,000,000+
Pricing Free to Download

What is best in Family time?

  • Easy to operate.
  • Interactive user-friendly interface.
  • Fun time management.

What is worst in Family time?

  • It is reported that synchronization takes a lot of time.
  • Multiple glitches are being reported.
  • Not a good user chat support.
  • Billing has many issues.

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7-Keepers Child Safety

Keepers child safety application is another application that you can choose while finding the best parental control applications. This application is free to download, easy to use, and has multiple security features in it. You can track your child’s real-time live location and this application will send an immediate alert in case of any inappropriate activity occurrence. This application can also manage your battery usage and can keep a record of your child’s screen time. Keepers child safety has a strong filter to block unwanted content from the internet. This is available free but you have to pay some cost for complete services.

Keepers Child Safety
This image is taken from the original app graphics attached to the Android Play-store gallery.


  • Real-Time optimized Alerts.
  • Strong Internet Filtering
  • Live Location Tracking.
  • Battery Usage Monitoring.
  • Usage Time management.
Size 43-Mb
Rating 3.7
Installs 50,000+
Pricing Free to Download
In-App Purchases $1.82 – $42.71 per item

 What is best in Keepers child safety?

  • Easy to use with the best user experience.

What is worst in Keepers child safety?

  • Poor customer support.
  • Application helds sometimes.
  • Location accuracy issues.

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You are a person who loves family gathering and want every family member around you? This application is best for you. Mobicip is an advanced and well structured easy to operate application. You can gather your all family members at your place by blocking their devices as it can be installed on more than 1 device with one account. This application can block all unwanted content including video and application. Mobicip also provides age-based filtering which is a useful feature. You can locate your child’s device in real-time. This application manages the 1-month history of your child. This application is claimed to secure your data completely. Mobicip is not free of course but it also provides a 7-days trial which is enough to check the performance.

This image is taken from the original app graphics attached to the Android Play-store gallery.


  • Instant device lock along with Comprehensive reporting
  • Strong website and phrase filtering.
  • Age-based filtering
  • Cell phone tracker and multi-platform device support.
  • Location tracker
  • Youtube parental control.
  • 7-day free trial
Size 9.3-Mb
Rating 3.5
Installs 100,000+
Pricing Free to Download

What is best in Mobicip?

  • Worked well with current Android versions.
  • Customer’s data security.
  • Optimized working with multiple devices.

What is worst in Mobicip?

  • Screen time restriction can be bypassed easily.
  • Inconsistent performance sometimes.
  • Several issues are being reported after the current update.

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9-Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky is another parental control application that contains a wide range of free parental tools. The free tools include screen time, online content filtering, app usage control, Kaspersky automatically blocks all harmful and inappropriate content. This application can set precise schedules of device usage for your child’s internet and device usage. Its premium version has some advancement in it including battery management, social media monitoring, Geofencing along with real-time location monitoring. Kaspersky also has real-time alerts for unwanted activities. It has 7 days free trial version and gives 30 days money-back guarantee. One license will work for a single device.

This image is taken from the original app graphics attached to the Android Play-store gallery.


  • Strong filter to block unwanted content.
  • Screen time management.
  • Location monitoring.
  • Check on different social media platforms.
Size 73-Mb
Rating 3.2
Installs 1,000,000+
Pricing Free to Download
In-App Purchases $3.70- $10.67per item

What is best in Kaspersky?

  • User-friendly and interactive interface.
  • Optimized and refine control.

What is worst in Kaspersky?

  • App freeze is reported by users.
  • Some content is still accessible even it is not allowed.
  • Glitches with multiple “suspicious activity, blocked for 10 minutes ” messages which appear frequently.
  • This is also being reported that the child phone got an unclear Kaspersky control notification.

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Net Nanny is an easy-to-operate parental control app containing some most useful features including automatic and custom alerts along with family feed options in which you can monitor your whole family in one place. Net Nanny can schedule internet usage and also can set screen time limits. This application has strong content filtering which blocks all the unwanted content including drugs, weapons, pornography, suicide, and other inappropriate content. You can customize your filter to block particular websites instead of the whole web usage. You can track your children’s locations and can see where they have been.Net Nanny can cover up to 20 devices in its paid version with an offer of full refunds within 14 days of your purchase. This is a reasonable time to make a decision about this app.

Net Nanny
This image is taken from the original app graphics attached to the Android Play-store gallery.


  • Automatic and custom alerts.
  • Strong web filtering.
  • Screen time management.
  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Userfriendly environment.
Size 13-Mb
Rating 2.3
Installs 50,000+
Pricing Free to Download
In-App Purchases $3.89- $50.88 per item

What is best in Net Nanny?

  • Provide authority to block the complete mobile or just an internet connection.
  • Allow adjusting of a customized passcode to prevent unwanted access.

What is worst in Net Nanny?

  • Tracking issues are being reported, This cannot track precisely with frequent location update.
  • Various glitches even in the activated versions.
  • Blocked content sometimes can be accessed.

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These all are the application which I have chosen for you. Again I want to notify you that all these applications cannot perform as your alternative. These are just helping tools.

Happy parenting!

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